A haircut and eco-friendly products at the Old Town Barbershop

September 22, 2020

Ellerey Haley and Jeff Clark recently became co-owners of the Old Town Barbershop located at 284 Taché Avenue (1). They opened for business on May 12, 2020 and are happy to take this new turning point in their lives and embark on a new adventure.

Haley explains: “It’s a project that my friend, Jeff, and I thought long and hard about. We’d been thinking about opening our own business for a few years. The Old Town Barbershop is a dream come true.”

“We chose Taché Avenue because there’s a lot of traffic and a good variety of services offered in the neighbourhood. We wanted to do our part to revitalize the area.”

“Also, the building that we’re in has a lot of character but was neglected a bit. So it was an opportunity for us to participate in renovating it.”

Indeed, Haley adds that a lot of repair work was carried out but that there’s still work to do. “The building needed a lot of work. We did most of it during the pandemic. We tried to give it a vintage barbershop vibe, with a 1930s look.”

The shop offers beard trimming and haircutting services. Two barbers are on site. Clark, the second owner, is a trained barber whereas Haley offers sugaring hair removal services.

“Our clientele is mainly male, but the hair removal services are unisex. We want to draw women clients, as well.”

“The opening was a huge success. Everyone wanted a haircut after being in confinement all that time!”

In addition, the two men recently decided to add ozone air purification and cleaning products to their offerings. Haley explains. “These are products that we discovered a few years ago and had a really good experience with. We use them at home and at the shop. We thought they would be a good addition to our business. They’re already a hit with our customers.”

The range of ozone products that Old Town Barbershop sells retail are not only environmentally friendly, but also in keeping with the times. “There are no chemicals in the products,” says Haley. “They’re made for disinfecting surfaces. In these times of COVID-19, that’s very helpful. Because of our positive experience, we wanted to make the products available to a wider audience, and now we’ve done that.”


 (1)  To contact Jeff Clark: 204 391-8166

 Photo: Jeff Clark cutting the hair of client Wallace Seymour

Or: Jeff Clark