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April 03, 2019

Matt Schaubroeck uses leading-edge technology to help businesses improve their building's health. That is the concept behind ioAirFlow, his new up-and-coming company taking him into the finals of the La Fosse aux Lions competition.

 Matt Schaubroeck, owner of  IO Airflow

Ambitious, versatile and hard-working are traits that are immediately recognizable in Matt Schaubroeck, the creator of ioAirFlow. The young entrepreneur has worked tirelessly for the past two years to develop the wireless energy monitoring concept in which he so strongly believes. (WATCH VIDEO)

"We are one of the first companies in North America to work with this kind of wireless network, using the very latest in revolutionary technology," he says. "The time was right to use this emerging field rich in opportunities as a springboard."

The enterprising young businessman from St. Boniface explains the concept behind the ioAirFlow venture: "We go into commercial properties with our sensitive and sophisticated sensors to measure building health via temperature, humidity and air pressure. We study all of these elements over time to provide a complete and detailed analysis."  

Matt Schaubroeck got the idea of working with a smart thermostat when he was a student at University of Manitoba. Since then, the pilot projects have been positive, and studies continue to show there is a real need in the field.

"Buildings consume around 40 per cent of all energy in North America, usually in a very inefficient way," says Matt Schaubroeck. "Energy is consumed needlessly and that waste is naturally reflected in expensive energy bills."

More importantly, there can also be consequences for employee health. "We don't always make the connection, but people get sicker if the building is not in good health; for instance, if humidity is below 20 per cent. This is often the case in a climate such as Winnipeg's."

ioAirFlow's core mission is therefore to provide its recommendations to companies to make them more energy efficient. "Often, the problem with the relationship between efficiency and energy is that it is too complicated. Businesses don't have time to try to decipher the analyses they receive. They want to know the solutions in five minutes or less. That is one of our specialties: providing reports and recommendations that are easy to read and understand."

By participating in La Fosse aux Lions, Matt Schaubroeck has many ambitions, including developing his team. "Being part of La Fosse aux Lions is very exciting. A win would really help me develop our resources and therefore our analysis capacity. Because this is cutting-edge technology, the sensors are expensive. The prize money would help us considerably in growing the business."

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